Aerospace, Defense and Government Services

We have handled dozens of matters related aerospace items and platforms, components, end-items  and  technology.  We regularly assist local and international companies in aerospace and defense related matters  before  government  agencies and significant  emphasis  on  helping  them achieve  practical,  workable  solutions  to  complex  regulatory  situations. HERDEM has significant experience  on  best  practices  in  the  development  and  delivery  of  compliance  policies  and  procedures,  training,  and  risk  assessments,  as  well  as  executing  cross-border  export,  sanctions  and  anticorruption  due  diligence  in  such highly regulated industry. HERDEM actively writes and presents  on  aerospace and defense issues  and  has  been  published the first and the only law book on defense and security law in Turkey.   

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