We, have established diversified

programs for legal, business and the social communities comprised of students, art groups, entrepreneurs, professionals, think tanks and the NGOs

Social Community

We organize social events such as theater meetings, museum visits, parties with legal community and have our traditional, very popular new year party in the last week of December each year.


Business Community

HERDEM organizes industry-specific training programs, conferences and open discussions for business professionals in Turkey and abroad. The goal of these organizations is to interact with business societies and to have opportunity to combine knowledge and insight throughout businesses.


Legal Community

HERDEM’s legal community is beyond borders. We host meetings, seminars, workshops for general counsels and counsels of corporations in diversified practices of law. We also organize such meetings with foreign colleagues abroad. As a part of international legal practice, our lawyers regularly attend and deliver speeches in international legal conferences.

Apart of these professional meetings, we also gather with future lawyers and give chance to discuss on lawyering and legal education through in-campus or office meetings.