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Legal Update: Turkey to Take Regulatory Position in Brexit, UK Being Treated as EU Member State During the Transition Period

The long-standing proceedings of Brexit has recently come to the end with having regulatory impacts in each country having trade with the United Kingdom (“UK”).

Herdem / 2020-02-03

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Aircraft Operating Certification Becomes More Crucial Globaly: An Overview from Turkish Law Aspect

The International Civil Aviation Organization (“ICAO”) statistics illustrate that the aviation industry has experienced a substantial growth over the past 20 years.

Herdem / 2020-02-01

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Cancellation of the General Assembly Resolutions in Turkish Law

The general assembly resolution (“GAR”) is a legal act that may affect partners, creditors, directors, and employees.

Herdem / 2020-01-31

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Legal Update: Thresholds in Public Procurement Law of Turkey Increased

Thresholds values and monetary limits specified in the Public Procurement Law of Turkey are increased by 7.36 percent.

Herdem / 2020-01-30

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New Criteria Set Forth for VERBIS Registration by Turkey’s Data Protection Authority

VERBIS, data protection, Turkey, privacy

Herdem / 2020-01-28

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Turkish Labor Law Perspective: Flight Personnel’s Status and Training Expenditures

The status of flight personnel under Turkish Labor Law is exceptional since they have been exempted from the Turkish Labor Law numbered 4857 (“Law No. 4857”) by its 4th Article.

Herdem / 2020-01-22

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