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Defense Contracts Perspective: Do the Government Acts Qualify as Force Majeure As Per Turkish Law?

Political fluctuations in recent years have undoubtedly affected the defense industry.

Herdem / 2020-01-21

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A Controversial Issue: Arbitrability of Corporate Disputes in Joint Stock Companies under Turkish Law

This study focuses the arbitrability of corporate law disputes and the validity of arbitration clauses designated in the articles of association (“AoA”) of joint stock companies under Turkish Law.

Herdem / 2020-01-17

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Legal Update: A Way for Foreign Investors to Lose Their Share “Privileges” As Per Turkish Law

Communique no. II-28.1 on the Principles of the Abolishment of Privileges on Voting and Privileges to be Represented on the Board of Directors by the Capital Markets Board of Turkey was published in Official Gazette numbered 31004, dated January 10, 2020.

Herdem / 2020-01-13

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Undefinitized Contract Action (‘UCA’) of Defense Industries

UCA is simply a contract model that provides funding while the detailed contract terms such as specifications, or price are finalized after the contract’s date of entry into force.

Herdem / 2019-03-20

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Where Does the Law Stand in S-400 versus F-35 Case?

A long-standing discussion on Turkey’s S-400 surface to air missile system (‘S-400’) procurement from the Russia is again a topical issue in Turkish-US relations while parties are continuing to negotiate.

Herdem / 2019-03-15

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From Engineering to Mastering: Employee Stock Option Plans for Technology Firms

Employee stock option plans are both used in large corporations and small technology firms. Such options are especially beneficial to small firms as they lack the enough resources to pay competitive wages to their employees compared to bigger firms.

Herdem / 2019-03-13

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