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Financing the Commercialization: Corporate Partnerships

For many emerging technologies firms financing is a hurdle to overcome.

Herdem / 2019-04-11

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Turkey’s Competition Law Case Studies in Defense Industry

The main legislation on competition in Turkey is the Law on Protection of Competition numbered 4054.

Herdem / 2019-04-10

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Shareholders Agreement: Supplement or an Alternative for Tech Start-Ups?

Shareholders agreement (“SHA”) is widely used in business transactions that include share transfers by newly established firms.

Herdem / 2019-04-05

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Co-operation Agreements in Defense Industry

Turkey has prioritized to have a strong national defense industry. A wise way to develop strong national defense is to co-operate with other countries to acquire advanced technologies by employing industry co-operation agreements.

Herdem / 2019-04-03

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Force Majeure in Defense Contracts in Turkey: Who Really Decides on It?

Public procurement contracts in defense industry are highly vital for contractors due to the volume of the contracts and dominance of the government agencies.

Herdem / 2019-04-01

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Privileged Shares: A Way to Customizing Technology Firms

Privileges given to shares of limited liability companies and joint stock companies are stipulated under the Turkish Commercial Code numbered 6102 and dated 14.02.2011 (“TCO”).

Herdem / 2019-03-29

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