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Venture Capital in Defense Technologies

Venture capital firms have been playing vital role for businesses struggling to find funding during the early stages of the business.

Herdem / 2019-03-25

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Undefinitized Contract Action (‘UCA’) of Defense Industries

UCA is simply a contract model that provides funding while the detailed contract terms such as specifications, or price are finalized after the contract’s date of entry into force.

Herdem / 2019-03-20

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Where Does the Law Stand in S-400 versus F-35 Case?

A long-standing discussion on Turkey’s S-400 surface to air missile system (‘S-400’) procurement from the Russia is again a topical issue in Turkish-US relations while parties are continuing to negotiate.

Herdem / 2019-03-15

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From Engineering to Mastering: Employee Stock Option Plans for Technology Firms

Employee stock option plans are both used in large corporations and small technology firms. Such options are especially beneficial to small firms as they lack the enough resources to pay competitive wages to their employees compared to bigger firms.

Herdem / 2019-03-13

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IP Centric Joint Ventures Head to Face Questions under Turkish Law

Joint ventures are commercial partnerships that are formed under a separate legal entity or by an agreement by two or more independent entities for the purpose of performing a specific work under the same objective.

Herdem / 2019-03-08

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Bullet Points in Aviation Industry: Aircraft Registration in Turkey

Pursuant to the Turkish Civil Aviation Code (‘Code 2920’), a Turkish Civil Aircraft must be registered in the Aircraft Registry which is held by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure (‘the Ministry’).

Herdem / 2019-03-07

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