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HERDEM Webinar Series: Five Things You Should Know About CAATSA

HERDEM Webinar Series: Five Things You Should Know About CAATSA

HERDEM is glad to announce that its first webinar within the scope of “Herdem Webinar Series 2019-2020” will be held on July 24,2019.Managing Partner of Herdem Attorneys at Law, Safak Herdem, and Adam Munitz, partner in FH+H's International Trade & Transactions Practice, will be the co-speakers.For those who are interested can rsvp on

Adam Munitz is a Partner of FH+H's International Trade & Transactions Practice. Focusing primarily on the defense, security, and intelligence sectors, Adam positions U.S. businesses for overseas growth and help foreign investors/acquirers and U.S. sellers navigate the CFIUS review process.

Safak Herdem, advises client on complex multi-jurisdictional cross-borders deals. Safak has represented clients from variety of sectors including but not limited to, defense, security, biotechnology, nanotechnology, pharmaceutical, media-telecomunication, energy. He also authored the first comprehensive book on Turkish Defense Law.

24 July, 2019
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