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Registered E-Mail System of MASAK under the Law on Prevention of Financing of Terrorism

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The Financial Crimes Investigation Board (MASAK), which is a main service unit of the Ministry of Finance, having the mission of making policies and carrying out investigation and research to convey the information and the results to relevant authorities has issued a regulation on registered electronic e-mail system which has entered into force on 30 March 2015.

Accordingly all notifications to made under the Law No:6415 (Law on Prevention of Financing of Terrorism) to banks, intermediaries, leasing factoring and financing companies, insurance and pension companies, portfolio management companies, Central Registry Agency and the Postal and Telegraph Organization Corporation (collectively “institutions”) by MASAK should be made electronically.

The institutions should apply to MASAK to open an account on registered e-mail system within 90 days following to the official authorization.

It is essential that the account in the system must be used on account owner’s behalf. In cases where the account owner is a legal person, the account shall be used by an authorized staff.

The institutions are not allowed to apply for the closure of their registered e-mail system account as long as they continue to operate.  In case of doubt or finding that the account is used incompliance with the principles and procedures MASAK shall take the necessary measures including the temporary closure of the use of the account. The account owner is responsible for ensuring that the measures taken within the scope of the re- operability. MASAK shall close the account upon being notified that the activities are terminated or determination of that there is no need furthermore of being registered to the system.

The account owners are subject to administrative fine unless if they fail; to declare the information and documents required for the application as complete and accurate and in timely manner, to notify MASAK about the changes of those immediately, to abide by all conditions specified in the application form, to protect the access information provided after the account opening and to inform MASAK in case of third party disposal on access information.

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