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Turkish Civil Aviation Authority Greenlights the Green Airports

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In 2009, Directorate General of Civil Aviation launched a project that systematically decreases the existing or future damages of airport establishments on the environment and human health and to eliminate if possible. The attractive side of this project show itself by providing incentives up to 50% for service tariffs at the airports.

Under the guidance of Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), "Green Airport Project" provided that, the airline operators and service providers at the airports, which comply with the certain requirements, will be called "Green Airport". DGCA shall provide to the organizations and establishments 20% of reduction on service tariffs (permit, license certificate costs) which comply with the relevant requirements for that airport. In addition to 20% reduction, in case of all organizations and establishments at the airport in question provide all necessary conditions determined by DGCA, the reduction rate will be increased to 50%. However, the Green Airport Project is only applicable for airport organizations and establishments.

Requirements for Airport Operators

According to the general terms of the Green Airport Project, a “Noise Study Commission” should be established at the airport and under the control of airport operator. Within the scope of its authorization, Noise Study Commission should make noise measurements, noise action plan and noise map preparations.

For the airports, whose departure and arrival capacity is more than 50.000 per year, noise measurement, control and monitoring systems should be installed to the surroundings of the airport in order to determine noise level.

With the purpose of reducing greenhouse gas emissions airport operators required to fulfil the conditions stated on below in order to gain the right of tariff reduction:

  • Determining particular areas that operators shall be severally responsible from and defining greenhouse gas emission roots on those areas. Later on, the data about emission roots should be collected and greenhouse gas emissions of the previous year should be calculated by using the data collected.
  • Preparing “Carbon Footprint Report” which should be confirmed by the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning so as proves that the report is complied with the standards of ISO 14064.
  • Preparing “Greenhouse Gas Management Report” with the conditions listed on below and implementing those conditions in business activities:
  1. Supreme board should be established to be in charge regarding climate change, greenhouse gas and energy topics.
  2. A procedure should be adopted to control greenhouse gas emission.
  3. Monitoring fuel and energy consumption
  4. Developing goals to reduce greenhouse gas and energy
  5. Should adopt procedure and control mechanisms to minimize emissions during operations
  6. All personnel should be trained in order to create awareness of the importance of greenhouse gas emission.
  7. Considering the 3 years average of greenhouse emissions and the reduction accordingly, a document should be prepared which shows that “greenhouse management plan” has been applied.
  • Following the “Greenhouse Management Plan” greenhouse emissions per person should decrease to at least 1% every year including passengers as well.
  • Probative documents which provides that all necessary studies has been made in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions should be sent to DGCA.

Requirements for Ground Handling Services

According to the provisions of Green Airport Project, companies that provide ground handling services are encouraged to use electrical power-operated vehicles instead of vehicles run with gasoline.

The project started firstly in terminal luggage separation area of Atatürk, Adana, Adnan Menderes, Antalya, Dalaman, Esenboğa, Milas Bodrum and Trabzon Airports, where the traffic is intense; with the relevant instructions were given to ground handling services to switch electric power-operated vehicles for moving the luggage instead of those operating on gasoline.

Requirements for Maintenance Organizations

The same provision about electrical power-operated vehicle is also applicable for companies provide maintenance operations. According to the provisions of Green Airport Project, companies that provide ground handling services are encouraged to use electrical power-operated vehicles instead of vehicles run with gasoline.

In addition to vehicle alteration, maintenance organizations are also required to gain an “Acoustic Report” which illustrates whether the environmental noise levels are exceeded or not. In case of a violation of the top limit, all necessary precautions should be taken by the operator according to Regulation on Ambient Noise Control and Management

All air transportation operators either registered in Turkey or abroad, required to hold Noise Certificate to manage take-off or landing activities to the airports open to domestic and international air traffic. Local or foreign air operators not holding that certificate will have to pay noise compensation for take-off and landing and the amount of compensation shall be determined by the Ministry of Transport.

Requirements for Health Facilities

Medical wastes producing by Polyclinic, medical rooms or any other health facilities at the airports shall be subject to the provisions of Regulation on Medical Waste Control.


Green Airport Project is clearly raising the bar in terms of quality at the airports in Turkey and enhancing environmental awareness across the airline and airport industry. With the incentives provided by Green Airport Project, establishments gained Green Company Certificate are rise to 30 companies so far including airport operators, ground handling service providers and airlines. TAV Istanbul Ataturk Airport Operation, Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport Investment Development and Operation Inc. (ISG), TGS, HAVAS and CELEBI ground handling service companies, Pegasus Airlines can be counted as an example.

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